Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still starting tomorrow ...

So tomorrow (or start date) is getting closer. Everytime I gear myself up to start my new busy fulfilled life something comes along that means I need to put it off for at least another day.
ie: the hubbys boss is going to drop in with his wife and some friends ... it will be on Sunday ... not sure if they are coming for morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea .. there will be 8 of us to feed by the way. So massive clean up ... all my books, knitting, exercise bits and pieces etc etc are hidden away, some in obscure places that take weeks to find again. Cook cook clean clean. Cover all the bases for whatever happens and for whenever they turn up ... did I mention I am 200km from the nearest shop?
Except this time they didnt turn up .. but maybe they will come on Thursday? yes, they are coming on Thursday ... cook cook clean clean ... oh dear ... guess what ... they didnt bother calling in.
So once again need to find all my 'treasures' from their hiding spots and spread them around the house in my happy places.
So maybe tomorrow is THE day?
Or perhaps I will take a day off and start the following day ... oh wait ... then its the weekend ... cant start my new life on a weekend ... no ... will definately start Monday!