Sunday, April 4, 2010

Damn it all...

Feeling crappy and bad tempered.
Nearly a quarter of the way through the year and I haven't even started my January diet yet!!! 
I am no healthier or fitter than I was at the beginning of the year ... and I haven't achieved a quarter of what I had planned.

Oh damn this 'start tomorrow' bug that I have obviously caught.

Perhaps a vitamin tablet will help?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

In a hole .. again!

Oh dear ... another week and nothing achieved.  And alas, can't even see the floor of my 'craft' room anymore ... I have reverted to my wicked old ways.

Time for a brisk talking too and a re-think.

On with the loud music and the headband and reconnect with my inner self (the outer self isnt doing much at the moment).

Lets see what tomorrow can bring ...

Friday, March 12, 2010

This is after the 'tidy up' but before the 'clean up'.                            Two totally different things ...

I think my wool is breeding!!

So my crafty bits have migrated (again) to the family room ... only two chairs not covered with a variety of wool, books, magazine cuttings and needles.
So of course that mean't some of hubby's bosses are due for a visit ... naturally.
Which entails a clean/tidy 'find the chairs'/'sweep away the dust bunnies' makeover.
But once again things transcend to a different universe when I am doing this and take months before they re-emerge.
Either that or I put them somewhere stupid and forget .... I prefer the first senario.

So that is probably why I currently have four different projects on the go at various stages, none of which I can remember the master plan I had envisaged for them when I started.  ie: don't know what they are.

Why I have 6 knitting needles that don't have partners, and why I have an over abundance of the type of wool you buy cause its cheap and on sale but not overly exciting and not enough of the really good wool you save for something really special ... but dont have enough to actually do a whole project.

Why can't the good wools breed ... and not the 'dime a dozen' sort?? (another of lifes many unanswered questions)

On the plus size I have settled on some angora wool and mixed it with a crappy ball of nothing and am making myself a shoulder bag and then going to decorate it with some cute knitted roses ... similar to a picture in Claire Crompton's Knitted Bags book ... but with changes.

On a personal side I got out the Nintendo Wii and did a whole 45 mins of exercises! (spread over the whole day of course). This is the start of the new me! (maybe).  Except its the weekend again .. and we dont start things on the weekend ...

I think I am stuck in a never ending deja vu loop!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another day of doing stuff !

So started knitting a 'vine' that I intend using for a new tea cosy I am imagining. Keeps my fingers busy. But ... I also was busy in the kitchen today ... alas not with the cleaning ... but I did manage to make some yoghurt (by hand ... not a machine) and got a sour dough plant thingy going.  And I remembered to put the 'slow roasted lamb shank casserole' on to slow roast instead of the usual ... putting it on 30 minutes prior to requirement and having to cook it on the stove in a hurry. Wow ... miracles do happen!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More completed! ... I'm on a roll

So this is another cosy I sent over to #2 sons share house. 
I started off with Loani Priors 'Wild Tea Cosies' 'cactus delight' base with full intention of actually following a pattern to completion.
But got bored (obviously dont have a good supply of the concentration genes) so switched to 'carmen miranda' top ... but ran out of omph (again) ... so added some great felted balls which I threaded onto some of hubby's fishing trace. (This was not easy and involved a lot of blood soaked bandaids).

I'm not good at following patterns .... but I love looking at pictures!!  and I want it all at the one time!

Completed some ... started others

So this is my 'cubism chook' tea cosy that I knitted for #2 sons tea drinking house mate. Didn't start out looking anything like this. And this is not how I intended it to turn out like. But its a tea cosy and its big and it will cover any size tea pot that comes along. Anyway it will probably end up as a beanie or covering some special piece of band equipment so thats ok too.
At least its finished!!    along with long boring very tight guitar strap!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Start, stop, start, stop ...

So got all enthusiastic and actually did some things!! finished the tea cosy I decided to knit for #2 son's newest housemate (a tea drinker). Had something totally radical and fantastic planned but ended up with an odd looking large blob thing that looks like a deranged chook if you squint your eyes and turn your head sideways.
Oh well at least it is finished.
But before I could post it #2 and I were discussing his new guitar and he mentioned the need of a comfy guitar strap ... I (of course) volunteered to knit one, just to see if it would actually work to have a knitted guitar strap. So now I am knitting a 7.5cm x 150cm strap with my extra small needles with non-stretchy acrylic. Very hard on the fingers. I am not a natural knitter. Have to watch it all and every stitch is laboured ... but I enjoy it in a weird beat-myself-with-a-birch-stick way. It feels good when I stop.
So of course my wave of creativity has come to a grinding halt until the guitar strap is finished. I have committed myself to post it on Tuesday so lets hope the fingers hold out until then.
I am not good with straight and plain on a time frame.

Lots of tea's and coffee's needed to help through this project! (did I mention I not only live 200km from the nearest coffee shop but I live in a 'dry' community? No alcohol allowed!!!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still starting tomorrow ...

So tomorrow (or start date) is getting closer. Everytime I gear myself up to start my new busy fulfilled life something comes along that means I need to put it off for at least another day.
ie: the hubbys boss is going to drop in with his wife and some friends ... it will be on Sunday ... not sure if they are coming for morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea .. there will be 8 of us to feed by the way. So massive clean up ... all my books, knitting, exercise bits and pieces etc etc are hidden away, some in obscure places that take weeks to find again. Cook cook clean clean. Cover all the bases for whatever happens and for whenever they turn up ... did I mention I am 200km from the nearest shop?
Except this time they didnt turn up .. but maybe they will come on Thursday? yes, they are coming on Thursday ... cook cook clean clean ... oh dear ... guess what ... they didnt bother calling in.
So once again need to find all my 'treasures' from their hiding spots and spread them around the house in my happy places.
So maybe tomorrow is THE day?
Or perhaps I will take a day off and start the following day ... oh wait ... then its the weekend ... cant start my new life on a weekend ... no ... will definately start Monday!

Monday, February 1, 2010


So finally got the spare room aka my craft room in order and all my little bits and bobs sorted.
Including 6 giant plastic tubs of wool! (now colour coded)

Because I live in outback of nowhere and have to use bottled water I am inundated with plastic 2lt bottles which I hate having to throw out. So now I have recycled them by cutting them down and using them to house my button, bits and whathaveyou collections.
How exciting.
Everything has a place to be!! obviously will not last long like this but am very proud that it has started off this way.

So have dragged out my great tea cosy books and all my bits of magazine cuttings and drawings and things .. just have to narrow it down to a starting point now.

Maybe tomorrow?