Thursday, February 25, 2010

Start, stop, start, stop ...

So got all enthusiastic and actually did some things!! finished the tea cosy I decided to knit for #2 son's newest housemate (a tea drinker). Had something totally radical and fantastic planned but ended up with an odd looking large blob thing that looks like a deranged chook if you squint your eyes and turn your head sideways.
Oh well at least it is finished.
But before I could post it #2 and I were discussing his new guitar and he mentioned the need of a comfy guitar strap ... I (of course) volunteered to knit one, just to see if it would actually work to have a knitted guitar strap. So now I am knitting a 7.5cm x 150cm strap with my extra small needles with non-stretchy acrylic. Very hard on the fingers. I am not a natural knitter. Have to watch it all and every stitch is laboured ... but I enjoy it in a weird beat-myself-with-a-birch-stick way. It feels good when I stop.
So of course my wave of creativity has come to a grinding halt until the guitar strap is finished. I have committed myself to post it on Tuesday so lets hope the fingers hold out until then.
I am not good with straight and plain on a time frame.

Lots of tea's and coffee's needed to help through this project! (did I mention I not only live 200km from the nearest coffee shop but I live in a 'dry' community? No alcohol allowed!!!)