Friday, March 12, 2010

I think my wool is breeding!!

So my crafty bits have migrated (again) to the family room ... only two chairs not covered with a variety of wool, books, magazine cuttings and needles.
So of course that mean't some of hubby's bosses are due for a visit ... naturally.
Which entails a clean/tidy 'find the chairs'/'sweep away the dust bunnies' makeover.
But once again things transcend to a different universe when I am doing this and take months before they re-emerge.
Either that or I put them somewhere stupid and forget .... I prefer the first senario.

So that is probably why I currently have four different projects on the go at various stages, none of which I can remember the master plan I had envisaged for them when I started.  ie: don't know what they are.

Why I have 6 knitting needles that don't have partners, and why I have an over abundance of the type of wool you buy cause its cheap and on sale but not overly exciting and not enough of the really good wool you save for something really special ... but dont have enough to actually do a whole project.

Why can't the good wools breed ... and not the 'dime a dozen' sort?? (another of lifes many unanswered questions)

On the plus size I have settled on some angora wool and mixed it with a crappy ball of nothing and am making myself a shoulder bag and then going to decorate it with some cute knitted roses ... similar to a picture in Claire Crompton's Knitted Bags book ... but with changes.

On a personal side I got out the Nintendo Wii and did a whole 45 mins of exercises! (spread over the whole day of course). This is the start of the new me! (maybe).  Except its the weekend again .. and we dont start things on the weekend ...

I think I am stuck in a never ending deja vu loop!